Welcome to our new eStyle Caps & Closures web site. eStyle Caps & Closures Inc. is the place where you will find high quality, customer service and responsiveness to your specific product design requirements!

I am Faye Haber, President of eStyle Caps & Closures Inc. and I approved this message!

eStyle Caps & Closures is a creative packaging company that provides a unique design service. We can help bring life to your ideas and deliver results quickly. While our competition is locked away in meetings trying to determine the merit of your project or the best way to proceed on a project, we are already working on the solutions to solve our customer’s needs. We strive to exceed your expectations while bringing more creativity, imagination, and high level customer service to the aerosol cap industry. I am confident that your experience with eStyle Caps & Closures will be satisfying and that you will be pleased with the personal attention you receive as one of our valued customers! Give me a call today and let me help you realize your specific project goals and objectives.

You can reach me directly at: (815) 861-2967

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Want to know more about caps and closures? You can view my Aerosol 101 and 102 Powerpoint
presentations on the basics of caps and closures here by clicking on the Powerpoint link...


Faye Haber
President & Owner
eStyle Caps & Closures

Faye Haber

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