Why eStyle

Why eStyle

eStyle Caps and Closures, Inc. is your premier source for custom aerosol overcaps and closures. The benefits to doing business with us are as follows:

1. Faster Leadtimes

Our leadtimes usually run between 2 and 3 weeks.


2. Inventory program

We will  inventory stock for our customers so they can take advantage of a “Just in Time” inventory system for their customers.

3. Caps are run in an ISO-9000 compliant factory

Plant visits are encouraged and welcomed.

4. Custom Design capabilities

Fast turnaround time for designs.

5. Equipment designed for the cavitation required

We can build smaller tools which will run on  smaller presses.  This will lower your machine hour rate and allow us to lower your price.

6. eStyle will participate in the cavitation of tooling

Cavitation of tooling makes it more affordable for custom designs.

7. Tools made in both the US and ChinaInjection Molding Machine

Our production process allows us to meet the price point necessary to get the business. All manufacturing is done in the United States.