Upon listening to the customer desires, we set about with our team of experts to capture the essence of what we’ve heard and put together several design choices for the customer.

MechanicalMechanical Design

Now that a product path has been taken, our mechanical team takes over. They corral the important details and ensure that fit and function is correct. They develop CAD files and rapid prototype models to convey the customer’s choice and document them in detailed blueprints.

Prototype Tooling

We will provide direction as to whether a prototype mold is really required. We have a wealth of experience and, in many cases, we will choose to skip the prototype step opting to press forward directly into production. Our experience can save you time and money!

We provide an economic framework and recommend that ‘right’ size and quality of mold to support your production needs. We have an arsenal of mold bases ready and waiting to help you reduce the capital cost of launching new products. We perform an extensive process validation to ensure that you get highly repeatable good quality.


You can reach Faye directly at: (815) 861-2967